New album I’M by Iarin Munari

I’M is the first solo album by Italian drummer, composer and producer Iarin Munari. Throughout the years, he worked with a large variety of pop, funk, soul and jazz artists such as Stadio, Roberto Vecchioni, Paolo Belli, Nomadi, Tony Levin, Larry Ray, Ruggero Robin and Alexia.

I’M is comprised of nine compositions with a variety of influences, in which Munari acts as a multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger. Five of the tracks are presented in funk/jazz arrangments and are performed by an all-star ensemble made up by Munari himself, Alfonso Santimone (keyboards), Daniele Santimone (guitars), Nick Muneratti (bass) and other respected guests such as Piero Bittolo Bon (woodwinds), Enrico di Stefano (sax) and Antonello del Sordo (trumpet).

The album also contains three stripped-down compositions in which Munari plays acoustic and classic guitars, ukulele and piano that feature a string quartet. The remaining track is “Afrìta” (an union of the words ‘Africa’ and ‘Italia’), an afro/etno/pop hommage to Africa, which is sung in the Nigerian language Igbò and features guest percussionist Fabrizio de Luca.

As the title itself suggests, I’M is a very personal record: “the album represents a voyage around my life. We leave at dawn and arrive at sundown (‘Sunrise’ and ‘Sunset’). During the trip we find what consists of my life: the origin of everything (‘Afrìta’), the goodbyes (‘Camilla’, ‘Towards That Light’) and those moments that act like a giant wave of an impervious sea that overwhelms you (‘Fifth Wave.’)

“This said, there are also happy memories (‘Settimo’, ‘Chasing Butterflies’) and moments of hope which I chose to identify in the twilight: that magic moment where dusk and dawn look the same, said Munari. “What seems to be ending is actually starting over. It’s a wonderful metaphor of the circularity of life”

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