Damian de Muijnck – Subdivisions

Damian de Muijnck (DDM) is a young and talented drummer from Vlissingen, the Netherlands. Ever since he was a very young boy at the age of only six years old, he has had this musical vision in which he shows the world his talent and the many influences he gathered over the years.

Today, this dream comes to fruition with the help of some gifted musicians that support this dream. Together with the help of Benjamin van Geest (Ben-O-Cular / Moksha) and Ronny Heimdal (Diabolos In Musica / Waste Lagoon / Ronny Heimdal) they are working hard to create DDM’s debut album, called ‘Subdivisions’.

The album title is very appropriate, because the music on it features some pretty complex polyrhythmic structures and odd-time signatures. At the same time though, the overall focus is never lost with plenty of room for melody and dynamics. In this day and age where it’s difficult to be unique, the DDM project has managed to be just that, combining elements of Djent, Fusion, Jazz and Progressive Metal/Rock into one coherently crafted album.

‘Subdivisions’ will feature some exciting seasoned players too, like Adam Holzman (Miles Davis / Steven Wilson), Richard Hallebeek (Dutch guitar player extraordinaire) and Robin Zielhorst (Cynic, Textures and Exivious), to name just a few.

The album is due in the summer of 2017 and when it has been released Damian doesn’t want to stop there; to further fulfill his dreams he wants to eventually take this project out on the road, so people can really experience the dynamics of the music of this band on stage.


releases September 2, 2017
DDM – ‘Subdivisions’:Damian de Muijnck: drums
Benjamin van Geest: guitars, synths and Moog solo
Richard Hallebeek: lead guitars
Robin Zielhorst: fretless bass
Mix and mastering by Bas Trumpie and Imre Beerends (Mantis Audio)
Drums recorded by Stefan Verster