Benjamin van Geest | Osmium | Drum Playthrough by Mike Malyan

It is with great pride that I introduce to you my ‘Magnum Opus’ called ‘Osmium’. It’s probably the most progressive piece to date off of my soon to be released new album, called ‘Children of the In-Between’.

I wrote this track about two years ago and I contacted Mike Malyan (Disperse, -ex Monuments, Gavin Kennedy) if he was interested in performing a few tracks on my new album. Luckily he was!

You can see and hear his absolutely flawless performance in the above video. Mike also was responsible for the video editing portion.

The drums and video were engineered and recorded by Tomáš Raclavský at Babylon Studios in the Czech Republic.

Also, the entire orchestral arrangement was written by Maarten van Strien and complements the song perfectly.

Ronny Heimdal also contributed some ideas and the audio mix was done by my good friend Preben Raunsbjerg. Enjoy!

Mike proudly endorses Vibe Drums, Meinl Cymbals, Vratim Drum Shoes & Arobas Music Guitar Pro 7

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