Brand X Rehearsals 2003 (feat. Dean De Benedictis)

This is a full set of compiled rehearsals and jam sessions by progressive rock/fusion band Brand X in 2003. It was a crude-yet-decent recording, and well worth posting.

The only original member in this particular Brand X line-up was founder John Goodsall. However, also in the band at that time was recording artist Dean De Benedictis on keyboards (known as Surface 10) and bassist Mick Stevens who performed with Brand X at Prog Fest.

Mick and Dean are also members of the ambient fusion band The Stratos Ensemble, and Brock Avery (the drummer in this recording) was once also in the Stratos Ensemble along with Doug Lunn, the bassist who ran The Fire Merchants with John Goodsall. So this particular Brand X line-up had a circulatory significance.

These sessions were also some of these musician’s best musical moments. It’s a collection item of sorts, for any Brand X fans or Surface 10 fans.

(Note: all arrangements performed in these recordings that are not official Brand X songs were composed primarily by bassist Mick Stevens [with the exception of cover songs: “Lila’s Dance” by the Mahavishnu Orchestra, and “Birdland” by Weather Report].)


guitar – John Goodsall
bass – Mick Stevens
keyboards – Dean De Benedictis
drums – Brock Avery

(Due too a minor miscalculation, the music heard here from the 47 minute mark onward does not include John Goodsall on guitar and Brock Avery on drums. From 47 minutes to the end, the guitarist is actually John Jones and the drummer is Ian Brumbough [during the same year as the Goodsall sessions]. We apologize for the mixup, and eventually we will cut that portion of the mix out to avoid confusion. But for now, feel free to enjoy it all with the addition of the proper information.)