New Album Lazy Saviors – The Reciprocity Principle

This is the video clip for the song “From Mars” by Lazy Saviors. The song is part of the album “The Reciprocity Principle”, available now on all major platforms

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From Nicolas Bellardie:

Two years ago, my friend Olivier Contat was bored and asked me whether I had something we could work on. So I sent him a song. And when it was done, I had written another one. It eventually took us by surprise to realize we were on the way to actually writing an album.
Since then, it has been a bumpy ride. A Kickstarter campaign didn’t quite turn out the way we expected, we had to call for reinforcements, etc. But in the end, we’re there – and not once did we think we wouldn’t make it.
So first things first, you can buy it on iTunes and Amazon, like here:…
I would like to pay a special tribute to the guys who lent their talents to make this possible.
Olivier Contat because there is nothing he can’t do. He piles up competences in this business to a sometimes worrying level.
David Steele because that guy is a world class singer. My biggest emotion on this project was to listen to my song arranged by the guys and sung by him. You can check out his work here:
Fabian Ratsak because his instincts for rock n’ roll are top notch.
Anton Davidyants because if you know the bass world, you also know I’m making some people envious right now. He’s simply one of the very best bass players on this planet and I can’t overstate how glad I am to have him play one of our songs.
Anthony Tony Parker because if you know the drumming world, well, the things I said about Anton apply to him as well.
But for drums, not for bass, in case I wasn’t clear enough.

Also note an appearance by Olivia Steele Falconer. This girl is going places, that’s for sure. Check out her work here:

On top of everything else, I want to state how nice everybody has been. It has been an honor to make this happen with you and it is a constant privilege to count you as my friends.