Oytun Ersan Project – East Meets West (Album Teaser 2015)

For buyers of Oytun Ersan’s second album Fusiolicious, his first album may be unnoticed but is definitely worth to listen to. Do yourself a favor and take some Turkish Delight.

Oytun Ersan’s Jazz Fusion Album ”East Meets West” is unlike anything you have ever heard. As the name implies, while listening to this album, the listeners will find themselves on a spiritual journey from the Eastern part of the world to the West. In addition to some beautiful ballad songs that will touch your hearts, the album also presents some Funky and dynamic songs. ”East Meets West” features special guests like Wycliffe Gordon on trombone, Prof. Rex Richardson on trumpet and flugelhorn and Okan Ersan on electric guitar.
Download the album:

Oytun Ersan (Bass)
Rex Richardson (Trumpet & Flugelhorn)
Wycliffe Gordon (Trombone)
Okan Ersan (Electric Guitar)
Cagri Sertel (Keyboard)
Yusuf Cerkez (Drums)
Kadir Evre (Electric Guitar)
Ivan Lavrantev (Saxophone)
Oytun Kusku (Percussion)
Mustafa Aksac (Clarnet)
Aytunc Akdogu (Vocals)
Simge Akdogu (Vocals)