Pink Floyd – with Frank Zappa 1969

Actuel Festival, Mont de lnclus, Amougies, Belgium. 25 October, 1969. Frank Zappa’s jam with Pink Floyd “That was after the Mothers [of Invention] had broken up, and y’know, I had time on my hands,” Zappa said several years later. “These people contacted me. They offered me $10,000 to be an emcee at a festival, all expenses paid, and go over there, and, y’know, whatever I wanted to do, and I said, ‘Fine.’ So, I get there, and they neglected to tell me that nobody spoke English.”

They did, however, speak the international language of music (sorry, that was corny)—so Zappa made a point of jamming with several acts on the bill, including Aynsley Dunbar and Pink Floyd. Oddly enough, even though the video below shows Zappa on stage with Roger Waters, David Gilmour and the rest of Pink Floyd, Zappa had no recollection of the jam session. It must’ve been one hell of a music fest.