PORTRAIT IN RHYTHM: WITCH DOCTOR with Karthik Mani, Kai Eckhardt, Torsten de Winkel & Magnus Dauner

Karthik Mani – konnakol, ghatam, mrdol, cajon
Kai Eckhardt – bass
Torsten de Winkel – sitar guitar
Magnus Dauner – drums

Four groups each of 7/8, 5/8 and 3/8 define the Konnakol vocals rhythms of Karthik Mani, son of Karnataka College of Percussion founders Rama and T.A.S. Mani, and the bass line at the base of this multi-meter composition by Kai Eckhardt. Magnus Dauner’s tongue-in-cheek drumming envelops these rhythms with a surprisingly straight and funky beat.

Kai is reunited here with guitar great and community activist Torsten de Winkel, leading here on electric sitar guitar. The two have shared the stage with each other since the days when both were teenagers in the 80s, performing and recording jointly with the likes of Michael and Randy Brecker or Steve Smith’s Vital Information, and individually with Zakir Hussain, John McLaughlin, Trilok Gurtu, Pat Metheny, Joe Zawinul and Hattler, among others.