Psychedelic Jazz Rock – Gambardella……

On the 20th of October 2017, Gambardella from Barcelona, Spain, visited the White Noise Studio to record a White Noise Session. Energetic, jazz rock – with an edge. Groovy as hell. Check em out! They’re about to record their second album.

Band Bio ( Short): Gambardella is a trio of psychedelic jazz-rock and instrumental dub settled in Barcelona. Gambardella experiments with Mediterranean, African and American sounds of the 70s and 90s.

Gambardella is formed by:
Oscar Altaba (drums)
Jaime L. Pantaleón (guitar and synthesizers)
Victor Teller (bass)

About: White Noise Sessions – Live sessions from the White Noise Studio in Winterswijk, The Netherlands. Home of the underground. Sort of 😉 The sessions are live recorded performances in which bands bring their best! We love bands who are left of center, interesting, thought provoking, weird, awesome, mind blowing or just plain good.