Rients Draaisma’s new album iJam now available on iTunes

On iTunes.

Rients Draaisma Imagine a musical frontier with no boundaries, no limitations, no restrictions. Blessed with a limitless musical imagination, Rients resonates with the sound of an artist comfortable in his own skin.`I think there’s really something for everyone in my playing, you just have to listen to it with an open mind and open heart`.

Opening and the early years Rients Draaisma is one of the most exciting, up-and-coming, artists of his generation. Born in 1984 in The Netherlands, he began his studies of guitar at age 11. Over the years, Rients graduated from the Academie of Popculture in Leeuwarden. He has studied with some of the luminaries of the guitar world including Kyr van der Werf,among others. Rients is noted for a technique that is often described as virtually flawless. Guitar pioneer Jan Akkerman has said: “This sounds like one of the big guys”