Ruud Cornelissen – Short Tracking

Ruud Cornelissen’s “Short Tracking on iTunes.

[Source:] At the young age of 13 Ruud Cornelissen started his musical career playing the bassguitar in a popband. When he was 24 years old he began his studyies of the doublebass. At the same time he enrolled in a drawing-course. During his studies, at the age of 26 played in The Hague Philharmonic Orchestra in the Netherlands. Five years later he got his Conservatory diploma and started as a member of the Radio Symphony Orchestra in Hilversum. It was then that his father in law, who was a professional artist, taught him the technic of oilpainting. Ruud was a bass player in the Radio Symphony Orchestra for 20 years. At the same time he was teaching doublebass at the Amsterdam Conservatory. Furthermore he taught children as young as 7 years old how to play this wonderful instrument at the Music school of Amersfoort. Ruud further composed several pieces for doublebass (publisher Donemus Amsterdam) and a bassguitar method in 3 parts titled “Musical Instruction for Bassguitar” (publisher Van Teeseling).

Now he’s retired and enjoying his days by playing on his Drouin Mirecourt doublebass and his 2 bassguitars (5str.-Sandberg and 4str. Fretless Kramer). Ruud is still composing music and recording in his own studio. A lot of his time he spends painting his “remarkable roosters”. Ruud lives with his wife in a beautiful little village near Bremen in Germany.