Sandhya Raga by Ravi Shankar, performed by his students

As part of the preparation for the Centenary concerts, I’ve been having an illuminating time delving into my father’s catalogue to make new arrangements of some of his incredible compositions. I couldn’t bear the thought that we wouldn’t be playing any of it tonight, so I asked many of my father’s students to record from their own homes around the world so we could play for you. Here is a taster of what you will hear when we reschedule these shows! Performed live from musicians’ homes worldwide during coronavirus stay-at-home orders
Edited and arranged by Anoushka Shankar
Performed by
Vishwa Mohan Bhatt- mohan veena
Shubhendra Rao- sitar
Guarav Mazumdar- sitar
Anoushka Shankar- sitar
Ravichandra Kulur- bansuri flute
Ashwani Shankar- shehnai
Bickram Ghosh- tabla B C
Manjunath- mridangam
Pirashanna Thevarajah- ghatam