Sebastiaan Cornelissen – Metal Fatigue – a reinterpretation

Sebastiaan Cornelissen:

Finally, after months of hard work, I’m proud to share a new clip with you all:) This is a re-interpretation of one of my favorites by #Allan Holdsworth entitled Metal Fatigue. It will feature on my up coming album Bevel Around The Edges.
I had this “arrangement” in the works and send it over to the wonderful Evan Marien, who played the bass part and a great solo in the outro. My dear friend Oscar Schulze had a lot of input as well. Not only the vibraphone, chimes, percussion parts; more like a co-producer in a sense.
Another one of my heroes and friends, Gerard Presencer was in town to do a gig of his own, and was kind enough to take a bit of time to record this 2nd take, stunning, flugelhorn solo for me.
Then came in the input from even more horns…Tom Walsh and Reuben Fowler wrote the arrangement and together with his colleagues James Copus, Nichol Thomson, Robbie Harvey and Adrian Hallowell, they just nailed it for me. Absolutely love what they’ve done.
For me it was most obvious to ask Francesco Cottone to sing this. He’s the perfect guy for the job and always amazes me. Its most enjoyable to put his voice and backings on “solo”. A pure treat I can say.
This is done with a lot of love and appreciation for the influence by Allan Holdsworth.
I hope you enjoy! You can pre-order this album and more here: https://sebastiaancornelissen.bandcam…