Tristan – New Album “The Spice of Five” out april 5th 2019



-The Spice of Five-

With utmost pride, we present the music of our 5th completed album to date:  “The Spice of Five”. Looking back on our journey as a band, it’s obvious to feel pride and joy of our work so far. First of all, as a team, we’ve had just as much fun composing and tracking the 5th chapter as we did during the 1st instalment, “Full Power”. It honestly does feel like, joined forces.

A tasty soup with each band member adding the right spice or ingredient to make this all really happening. Because as soon as we decided to jump on to the rollercoaster yet again, perusing another studio album; it truly did not take us very long to reach our goal. To our surprise, it ended up being our best consistent sounding record yet. To those who know our previous work: we’ve always thought the bigger a production the better. Instead for this one, we aimed for keeping it to the core of the band. Main idea in the back of our minds was to make it easier for us, and the audience, to deliver sounds live, similar to what’s on the disc.

Funny enough the result has just as big a sound and stays even more true to what we stand for. Real music, played by real human beings with surprises by imperfections and interplay. Mind you, what you hear really is 80% live! Of course, there are overdubs and the odd edit here and there. But we kept most of what we tracked in the moment. Not ironing out all wrinkles while taking out the sparks, unexpected turns and of course the very soul what music is all about.

But don’t expect a rough cut of what we used to be. All of us are perfectionists. We dare to be slick at times, and heavy when it is appropriate.

So, do crank it up loud and groove along with us! We give you a recipe to dance:)